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Hoffman Enclosures

Hoffman created standard, modified, and custom-built enclosures for thousands of customers across a diverse range of industries. From the clean-room to the factory floor, Hoffman enclosures protect sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, oil, water, corrosion and other contaminants.

Hoffman Stainless Steel Enclosure

Isolating critical controls from harsh environments is a job no one performs better than Hoffman. Our revolutionary enclosure solutions ensure reliable performance in a range of extreme conditions.

Hoffman Enclosures - Stainless Steel
Junction Boxes
Flush-Mount Enclosures
Instrumentation Enclosures
Pushbutton Enclosures
Wall-mount Enclosure
WATERSHED™ Wall-mount Enclosure
Consoles and Accessories
Floor-Mount and Free Standing Enclosures
WATERSHED™ Free-Stand Enclosures
PROLINE™ Stainless Steel HMI Enclosures

Hoffman Mild Steel Enclosure

When the world thinks of industrial enclosures, it thinks of Hoffman. It’s a reputation for excellence, quality, and attention to detail, that makes Hoffman the preferred industrial enclosure solutions provider.

Hoffman Mild Steel Enclosure
Junction Boxes
Wall-Mount Enclosures
Free-Stand Enclosures
Floor-Mount Enclosures


Hoffman HMI – Human-Machine Interface
Hoffman HMI Enclosures
HMI Enclosure Systems
Mounting Options
Tablet Solution



PADDI Technologies is Malaysia’s Pentair Hoffman Products Authorized Dealer / Sales Channel. For more information on Hoffman enclosures and accessories, please visit Hoffman Official website. For local Hoffman Enclosures sales and support, contact us now!