Manufacturing Execution System MES & Industrial Software

Wonderware MESManufacturing Execution Systems help create flawless manufacturing processes and provide real-time feedback of requirement changes, and provide information at a single source. Other benefits from successful MES implementation might include reduced waste, more accurate shop floor data, increased uptime & reduced inventory.

Industrial software generally refers to plant floor automation or data collection software. This includes industrial software applications such as MES, data acquisition, production reporting, alarm and event management, HMI (human machine interface) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). PADDI Technologies offers these manufacturing software applications and more.

Manufacturers need to reduce costs, reduce waste, improve efficiency and stream line operations wherever possible. Our industrial software applications can help you achieve these goals. Quality data collection and analysis, product tracking software and production reporting software all help manufacturers become more lean, produce high quality product, reduce inventory levels, reduce waste during the manufacturing process and make more profit.

Applications which collect data, analyse data and trigger changes in the manufacturing process are the next big step for forward thinking manufacturers. This type of closed loop system allows for continuous monitoring and improvement of processes. Manufacturers who are quick to adopt innovative strategies which help them improve their bottom line will be the survivors in today’s very competitive global market.

Unable to find the right software that meet your requirement? Let us help you get it right! Combining .Net Technologies with our industry process intelligent knowledge, we tailor-made your application for fastest ROI.

Wonderware MES Screen

• Work-In-Process / Job Tracking

• Inventory

• Production Planning

• Traceability

• Asset Tracking System

• Warehouse Management System

• Overall Equipment Effectiveness